The beginning of spring is here, but the weather isn’t quite right yet. A good opportunity to be creative at home. With the wooden models for putting together UGEARS, the gray everyday life has come to an end. That is why we would like to introduce one of our largest and most beautiful models to you today – the Hurdy Gurdy. The instrument, also known as hurdy gurdy, exudes medieval charm with its elaborately decorated ornaments. Inspired by the craftsmanship of the time and implemented with the technology of the 20th century, the Hurdy Gurdy is our first mechanical musical model. The detailed model looks confusingly similar to the original from the 16th century and, like the same, is fully functional. Sit down comfortably, put the instrument on your lap, Then turn the crank and let yourself go back in time. This unusual and at the same time beautiful model is not only educational but also particularly decorative. The lavishly decorated body provides an insight into the sides and playing style that is characteristic of the Hurdy Gurdy by opening the lid. Learn pieces from classic to modern and breathe life into this fantastic instrument.

Today we present the UGEARS U-9 Grand Prix racing car.


Elegant construction, precise workmanship and detailed technology make this base on 4 wheels a highlight of our entire collection. The racing car models from the early 20th century, which were used at important national and international racing events, serve as a model. We look back fondly on the golden age of the automotive industry and would like to use this wooden model as a memorial. With its magnificent and imposing appearance, this kit stands out again and also boasts an 8-cylinder V racing engine, which is set in motion with an external belt drive. The rubberized tires, the sprung front axle and the spare tire at the rear of the car complete the design. It is also possible with the help of the gearbox between idle, Varying backwards and racing mode, which makes driving even more fun. As with all our models, all necessary parts for the assembly are available in the kit. The pre-lasered components are easily removed from the high-quality plywood panels and then assembled without glue and other tools. Discover the unique quality and attention to details on this extraordinary UGEARS wooden model!

The Ugears Mechanical Flower Case or Mechanical Flower

flowerUnsurpassed in elegance, this model exudes a unique charm and attracts everyone’s attention. Like all Ugears models, this kit is made entirely of natural materials and can be assembled very easily without glue or other tools. The large gear, which serves as a platform, can be turned clockwise as well as counterclockwise. This mechanism opens the curved flowers and reveals a dancing ballerina that gracefully turns inside. A few classic melodies by Mozart or Bach would make the drama perfect. Another kit is included in the kit – the dream tree! In exchange for the ballerina, he turns the flower into a lovely holder for your most beautiful jewelry!