The Ugears models are made of wood, gears, wheels, brackets and gums. These wooden models can be easily assembled and disassembled, since the parts that hold the frame are attached to each other through wooden rivets and locks. Each model comes pre-cut in a few sheets of wood. All mechanisms are easily assembled piece by piece through simple assemblies, without using glue or other type of adhesive. Not only are they elements of engineering, they go much further. Ugears sells art mixed with mechanism. A real entertainment that you can enjoy with family, friends or with the smallest of the house.

These beautiful mechanical models are  also considered a true experience of assembly and creative process, since the person who assembles and operates the model will repeat the entire construction process that the designer has done. Emotion, passion and creativity is what arouses these wonderful models of Ugears.

Meet the best Ugears mechanical models

All designs are inspired by real life. Through wood and engineering, the different models are given movement. Here we are going to show you some of the best Ugears models:

If you are interested in acquiring one and you know where to get it here we leave you a link.

Treasure Box Puzzle 3D

Original box that will become your favorite place to keep your jewelry or your biggest secrets. This version of secret drawer that you can configure so that nobody knows how to open and discover your secrets, can become a perfect and very original gift. The set has everything necessary for assembly. The model is made with high quality plywood.

3D Puzzle Tractor

The Ugears tractor is one of the best models. This tractor has a rubber engine with a gearshift with up to three speeds, it’s amazing! The material, as in the other models, is high quality wood. A tractor with which you can plow or run at high speed through the field.

Mechanical crane on rails Puzzle 3D

In this case we present a magnificent mechanical crane with three levers on rails. The crane can be completed with a booth under construction made with giant trusses. It is an impressive model that can be disassembled and reassembled with virtually a single hand movement. You will hallucinate with this magnificent model.

In addition to these 4 models, we have many more on our website to each one more fantastic and fun.

Conclusion of Ugears models

The creative company Ugears began its work in 2014 and since then they have given life to spectacular wooden models. Ugears creates magnificent pieces of wood and gives them life and movement. Ugears models are an original gift for children or adults of all ages. They are ecological products that do not need electricity, or glue or other system. They are exclusive 3D puzzles that will make you enjoy, create, learn and imagine. They are not only pieces of wood with movement, they are true works of art.

In the following video you can see some of these models in operation, they are wonderful!