So much time to put together one or more of Ugears’ wonderful models! Perhaps one of the FOUR NEW kits is just right for you?

Today we will first introduce the Roadstar VM-01 to you. This special sports car was designed in great detail by our engineers based on the original cars from the 30s and 40s. The highlight is the transmission, which has a total of three gears: forward, reverse and idling. If a gear is selected, the direction of travel can then be determined using the steering wheel. The built-in suspension in the wheel suspension ensures that even uneven terrain can be driven on. The powerful rubber motor gives the Roadster drive for up to 4 meters with one pull. The turning key for this can be found on the rear part of the racing car.

If you come back from a jaunt and want to treat yourself to some rest, the Roadstar VM-01 can be wonderfully integrated into your interior. As soon as guests are visiting, the special car will attract attention. Whether in the office or at home – the Roadstar is a piece of jewelry that should not be missing

Today we present you the handgun “Wolf-01”.

Today we present the fourth kit, which is now available from Ugears . The Wolf-01 is a handgun that works with a simple but detailed mechanism. You can fire 5 consecutive shots before reloading for the first time. There is also a secret storage for the ammunition, which is located in the handrail and with which you always have enough supplies at hand in the firefight.

The Wolf-01 is particularly popular because it offers a high level of security and has been designed for peaceful fun. Thanks to the ergonomically shaped handle, the weapon is excellent in the hand and is the perfect companion for espionage and agent games. To load the Wolf-01, the rubber bands are stretched one after the other over the barrel into the 5 superimposed prongs at the end of the weapon. To prevent a shot from accidentally coming loose, there is a safety device located at the bottom of the barrel. To do this, press the button on the side where the word “Lock” can be found. If you want to unlock the Wolf-01, press the same button on the side with “Unlock”. The handgun is now ready to fire and the trigger can be pressed. The Wolf-01 shoots rubber with a caliber of 60×1, 5mm and fires a full 10 meters. When does your next battle start ???

UGEARS ballista with rifle tower

The UGEARS ballista with a rifle turret is the third model that we can present to you today. Become an expert in the art of siege with this medieval kit and battle it out for enemy castles and your own honor. The kit consists of two parts: the rifle tower, which can be extended upwards, and the ballista. The ballista is either attached to the corresponding platform or high on the tower. Thanks to the special mechanism, it can be rotated completely and aligned at any desired angle on the horizontal and vertical plane in order to hit the target as best as possible. Train your accuracy, conquer foreign castles and immerse yourself in the time of the Middle Ages, when knights liberated their little ones in need – with theUGEARS ballista with rifle tower kit..