If you are looking for something different for your little one, this three-dimensional puzzle is perfect for you. It is a model of the Eiffel Tower that is assembled from folding plastic parts. It is part of a Ravensburger brand line of iconic buildings. The pieces are robust and have three different basic shapes: they can be flat, curved or adjustable.

In addition, the puzzle is designed to be exposed when finished. The package includes a base on which the tower is mounted. Use LED technology to illuminate in different colors. Thanks to this, you can use the three-dimensional puzzle as a lamp. It is a quality product, very durable and resistant.

The biggest puzzle

This huge product of the Educa brand will delight art and puzzle fans alike. The image is a reproduction of the Garden of Earthly Delights, the iconic work of Dutch painter Jheronimus Bosch. The painting is perfect for a large format puzzle, as it includes many fascinating details. It is a puzzle designed for adults.

Surely you know how annoying it is to be about to finish your puzzle and discover that a piece is missing. Educa has a solution for this: it has an excellent lost piece service to ensure you finish your work. This beautiful puzzle is composed of 9000 pieces and measures 214 centimeters wide and 118.5 centimeters long when assembled.

The favorite puzzle of the little ones

We love “progressive” puzzle sets like this. It includes four puzzles of different designs and with different levels of difficulty. They are 50, 80, 100 and 150 pieces. In this way, the little ones will feel a lot of satisfaction when they manage to ride one of them and advance to the next level. These products are suitable for children at least five years of age.

The pieces come all together, but they differ in size and because they are marked behind. They are very robust and durable. The images represent scenes from the fun Disney and Pixar movies, Finding Nemo , Monsters SA , Cars and Toy Story . The characters will get your little one’s attention right away.

The puzzles have been reinvented: there are different types and game mechanisms very different from those of the classic flat and cardboard puzzles. What has not changed is the endless benefits that contribute to the development of children. In this section we will answer the most common questions from parents about puzzles.

Floor puzzles are very large and flexible pieces. They are good for very young children, by way of introduction. 

What exactly are the puzzles?

A puzzle is a board game to assemble. It is usually composed of flat pieces that connect to each other. Each piece represents a small part of an image that is completed by joining them all. This game tests the skill and patience of its players and can last for hours, or even days, depending on the difficulty of the product.

Traditional puzzles are usually made of wood, although most modern and mass-produced products are made of cardboard. Most have a rectangular shape when finished and vary in sizes. Today there are different and innovative puzzles, such as three-dimensional models or with mechanisms of light or movement.