The puzzles are the classic board games. Generation after generation, these toys do not lose their popularity. Although there are more and more variations of these products, a classic wooden or cardboard puzzle still enchants children and adults alike. This does not surprise us, as they are extremely entertaining and test the skills of their players.

In addition, assembling puzzles is an excellent activity for people of all ages. The benefits they provide do not stop when leaving childhood: they also contribute to improving memory in adults. To achieve the greatest benefit, you must find the right product. In this article we will help you choose the best puzzle for your little one or for you.

The most important

The puzzles are excellent toys, because they are usually very durable, do not go out of style and represent a challenge even after assembling them several times. They are perfect for family game sessions.

The puzzle game brings countless benefits to children and adults. It contributes to the physical, emotional and cognitive development of children and stimulates the memory and spatial intelligence of adults.

Not only the design and theme of the puzzle matter when choosing a product. You should also consider the difficulty, shape and size to find the ideal puzzle.

The best puzzles on the market: our favorites

There are puzzles for all ages and for all tastes. This makes them the perfect gift for children and adults alike. In this section of our article we present a selection of our favorite puzzles. We have chosen diverse products and for different age ranges and interests.

The first entry in our Ranking may also be your child’s first puzzle. The youngest of the house will enjoy riding and dismantling the tender Peppa and all his friends. The colorful and simple images will attract the attention of children, who will immediately recognize their favorite characters.

It is the perfect product to familiarize your son or daughter from two years in this form of play. The package includes five puzzles with different levels of difficulty. They consist of three to five pieces, so that your child will mount them progressively. The pieces are large and thick and durable cardboard, suitable for children from two years of age.

The Educa brand offers puzzles that show beautiful landscapes from around the world. The photographs are beautiful and of excellent quality and resolution. These images are perfect to challenge players and can serve as decoration when completed. The model we choose shows a beautiful view of Mount Fuji.

This puzzle is composed of 2000 different pieces. Completing the sky and the beautiful cherry tree represents a real challenge. Due to its difficulty, we recommend it for preteens, teenagers and adults. You can play it in a family night and work as a team. When assembled, the puzzle reaches almost a meter long.